August 13, 2009

McAfee Personal Firewall Plus free for 60 days

Like an anti-virus program, a firewall is also has equal importance in a computer security system. Even though Windows have built-in Firewall, they are not able to give full inbound and outbound protection.

McAfee Personal Firewall Plus software offers advanced protection for your computer and your personal data. Personal Firewall establishes a barrier between your computer and the Internet, silently monitoring Internet traffic for suspicious activities.

With it, you get the following features:

- Defends against potential hacker probes and attacks
- Complements anti-virus defenses
- Monitors Internet and network activity
- Alerts you to potentially hostile events
- Provides detailed information on suspicious Internet traffic
- Integrates functionality, including event reporting, self-testing tools, and the ability to email reported events to other online authorities
- Provides detailed tracing and event research features.

McAfee Personal Firewall Plus is meant for Windows 98 – Windows XP users and can be downloaded from here free for 2months.

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