July 25, 2010

The best-selling antispyware protection Webroot Spy Sweeper (v.6.1) free for 6 month

Even though the newest antivirus and internet security programs have come bundled with antispyware and adware preventing modules, they are not able to fully protect you from such nasty things.
Special applications like Webroot Spy Sweeper will really help you to discover and remove such nasty things hide in your computer.

Webroot Spy Sweeper is rock-solid antispyware tool, which offers real-time protection and helps you find and remove any spyware from your computer.
In addition to its real-time, browser, and ActiveX shields, the app offers several barriers to other threats such as Windows Messenger Service exploits, keyloggers, rogue start-up items, and pesky rootkits.

Interested readers can now get a free 6 month trail from the official Webroot Facebook page. Just enter here and give your computer 6 months of the best-selling antispyware protection FREE.