January 7, 2007


Legal MP3 downloads

A very large percentage of the world’s population shares the same passion-music. With the coming of MP3 and file sharing revolutions, most of us now sport music collections spanning a few gigabytes.

There are lots of web sites for download legal mp3musics.

  1. www.oddiooverplay.com: This site is well organized and a rarity amongst all these is free mp3 sites and you can find internet radio as well.
  2. www.music.download.com: The site claims that it is the premier source for free music and more than 75000 mp3s with them.
  3. http://freesologuitar.com: Just visit the site and grab all the mp3s.
  4. www.emusic.com: Need to register to get free mp3 songs to download.
  5. www.ecbrown.org/linkpage.htm: You can find a lot of mp3s and a lot of links to free mp3s.
  6. www.mp3.com: There seems to be no free mp3 to download but can listen to preview before downloading.
  7. www.insound.com/mp3/mp3s.php: Many songs are free to download.
  8. www.eclassical.com: A fantastic site for classical music lovers. A single track and albums are available.
  9. www.classiccat.net: A vast collection of classical music
  10. www.classicalarchives.net: This may be the largest classical music site on the web.
  11. www.amazon.com: Lots of mp3 songs to download as well as free mp3s which is non-copyrighted songs are available.
  12. www.remixwars.com: Here is vast collection of music we’ve never heard of before. To download we have a free account with them.
  13. www.bestmp3links.com/hindi-song.html: A collection of links to free mp3 download sites. Check out the links. I found some links not work.
  14. www.smart-music.net/mp3.html: Collection of dance music by new artists. You can stream, buy albums and download mp3s.
  15. www.salon.com/ent/audiofile/index.html: Thomas Bartlett’s selection of best free downloads.
  16. www.karadar.com: There seem to be thousands of tracks available for download.
  17. www.isound.com: This site has tracks for download, radio and blogs..
  18. www.blentwell.com: Lot of freely downloadable songs.
  19. www.asianclassicalmp3.org/index.htm: The site claims that the music on these web pages is all from recordings and that are either out of print, only available in the country of origin.
  20. www.archive.org/audio/etreelisting-browse.php: A huge archive of songs.
  21. www.mp3.com.au: Explore and find your way around, and presto-downloadable mp3s.
  22. www.soundlift.com/browse/music.php: The number of genres is limited, though prominent among them are blues, jazz, soul and swing.

The list is not ending….

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  1. This is awesome, I been looking for this list for years. Thank you !!