January 7, 2007

Avast - the best free antivirus software

Avast! Home edition; one of the best anti-virus software, is a free and ICSA certified antivirus software. It has a reliable anti-virus engine and light on system. Scanning the system is simple with just two clicks, and if we need a selective scan it is also possible by selecting a drive or a folder. Avast home edition is now fully supports 64 bit Windows platform.32 bit anti-virus applications are unable to operate perfectly on 64 bit windows. The new avast(4.7) use native 64 bit drivers, giving same level of protection as in the 32 bit windows environment. According to the company the new version of avast antivirus (4.7.892) home edition also supports windows new operating system Vista.

Installation is simple just like regular software. After installation we need to restart Windows. When we first install Avast two blue icons appears in the taskbar. The first one is the VRDB icon (This antivirus has a unique feature known as “Virus Recovery Database" [VRDB],That creates an integrity database of essential files on your computer; that is it stores information about the state of the files, creating as many as three versions of each files. The VRDB is created either when the computer is idle or upon request. Through the VRDB, if a file is infected by a virus, it can be quickly restoring to any of these three versions).The second one is on access icon. Right clicking on VRDB icon can be merge two icons and there one little blue icon shown on the taskbar


1. Standard resident protection:

Resident protection is a special type of task that monitors (according to its settings) all applications being executed and all documents being opened, effectively avoiding virus infection in real time. File system protection ensures that no virus will be started on the system .Avast offers a wide range of settings ,like the possibility to specify which files should be scanned during copying, or that the scanning will include files with given set of extension only. The resident protection has a special task property - called "default". This task marked as default is started automatically on each start of the operating system and it is not recommended to stop it. It is announced by the "a"-letter icon in the system.

2. Anti-virus Kernel:

With the antivirus kernel, we can expect 100% detection of infections especially Trojan horse.

3. Web shield:

This is a unique feature of avast. Web shield enables to monitor and filter all HTTP traffic from the web. The web shield act as a transparent HTTP proxy and is compatible with all major browsers.

4. IM and P2P shield:

Avast protects threat from the instant messengers and peer to peer file sharing programs. Avast has extensive support for IMs and P2Ps.

5. Integrated virus cleaner:

Avast include a tool known as virus cleaner designed for complete cleaning of most common infections from already infected computers. avast! Virus Cleaner is a tool to completely disinfect your system. It repairs the infected files and deletes the virus bodies, so that it is not necessary to reinstall your system or recover it from backups. But it does more! It also removes virus items from the system registry (which is very important in some cases), fixes corrupted configuration files, and deletes temporary files created by the virus (such files do not contain any virus code, so they are not detected by avast! itself - but they occupy space on your hard disk). In short, avast! Virus Cleaner removes every possible trace of the virus from your system. There is no need to perform the cleaning in the Safe Mode - when a virus is found in memory, it is deactivated first.

New version of Avast (4.7) home edition supports e-mail scanning for client supporting SMPT,IMAP and POP3 such as Outlook expres,Edura,Mozilla Mail,Netscap mail,etc.It can remove many ad ware and spy ware and can be updated manually or automatically as per our settings. Avast anti-virus takes updates of virus data base and programs and automatic update takes some time especially you are using a slow modem.

After initial installation you have 60 days trial before you must complete the registration.

Registration process will take you only a couple of minutes.

For more information- www.avast.com/eng/free_virus_protectio.html/

To register-www.avast.com/i_kat_207.php?lang=ENG/

You can download it from www.avast com.

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