February 23, 2007

Tips and Tricks - Windows XP

Turn off the irritating low disk pop up in Windows XP

To turn off the low disk space notification: Start regedit, expand HKEY_CURRENT_ USER and in Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer, and set the value of NoLowDiskSpaceChecks to DWORD = 1. (This modification requires a reboot to work.)

_________________________Another Hack________________________________

Error reporting in Windows is some time irritating us.

In order to get rid of error reporting, Go to “Start” and open “Control Panel”. Double click on “System”, and then click on the “Advanced” tab. Click on the “Error Reporting” button at the bottom. Select “Disable error reporting”. When this option is selected, error reports will not be generated. You can select the option “But notify me when critical errors occur” to have Windows notify you when a critical error occurs, even if you have disabled error reporting. Now click on “OK” and you are done!

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