February 13, 2007

Vista Start Menu - Is a replacement for the standard Windows Start menu

Imagine if product manufacturers packed all their products in similar boxes of one size and shape with labels stuck on the front of them. How much time you will need to do the shopping!

You will have to read the label on every package to find what you need .That is why product manufacturers intentionally use bright packages of various shapes for you to be able to quickly find the product you need.

It all works because a human mind can recognize images from its birth. Vista Start Menu uses this natural ability and presents programs as icons. Once you open the menu, you see the icons of installed programs at once.

Vista Start Menu is a replacement for the standard Windows Start menu that provides a different layout and interface, designed to access all your programs faster without having to go through multiple menu levels.

This is a freeware and only1.37Mb big. Supports – Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista

See my Start menu

Download it from: www.vistastartmenu.com

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