March 27, 2007

Create a flash movie

Nowadays video sharing is popular among web users and most of them uses flash based movie to upload. If you want to create a flash based movies from a regular video clips, you can easily create with Flash video studio. The step by step interface guides you through the whole process easily.

Each tab contains in the main interface (5tabs) lead you to make a flash movie very easily. You can proceed to make movie by browsing a movie file from your collection. Flash Video Studio accepts WMV, MPEG, MOV, AVI, ASF, Dvix and QT files.

Clicking on the next tab take you in the effect section where you can select 19 video effects like gray scale, motion blur, sepia, posterize etc. Here displays your original clips alongside a screen that displays the effected video you are selected. You can also adjust brightness and contrast here.

In the following screen you can add a graphical or text based watermark in your swf video and also adjust the position of watermark. In the next option you can configure the audio video options, sampling rate etc.

Finally you can publish your flash Video. Here the software produce swf file which can also be compressed.

To publish in the website the software can generate an HTML file that links the flash movie. These can be uploaded to an FTP server directly with in the software. The main interesting thing with this software is it’s easy of use.

New version is 1.7, file size 4.1Mb. Download trial version from

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