March 22, 2007

Firefox Short cut keys

Short cut keys always make easy our job. Here are some important short cut keys for Firefox browser (Windows) that may be helpful to you.

Select all text -Ctrl + A

Copy selected text -Ctrl + C

Cut the selected text -Ctrl + X

Undo last action -Ctrl + Z

Print current page -Ctrl + P

Save current page -Ctrl + S

Book mark current page -Ctrl + D

Find text in the current page -Ctrl + F

Find more text -Ctrl + G / F3

Bookmark side bar -Ctrl + B / Ctrl + I

Open new window -Ctrl + N

Open new tab -Ctrl + T

Reload current page -Ctrl + R / F5

Open history side bar -Ctrl + H

Close current tab -Ctrl + W

1 comment:

  1. Ctrl-shift-t to open last closed tab
    shift-tab for "backwards" tabbing