March 8, 2007

How to build Yahoo pipes?.A step by step idea

Pipes is a free online service that lets you remix popular feed types and create data mashups using a visual editor. You needn’t to know any technical knowledge to build pipes. You can create Pipes for many purposes. Maybe the most common is combining all your favorite feeds, but there are more sources available. The current list of sources includes: Yahoo Search, Yahoo Local, Fetch (RSS feeds), Google Base, Flickr etc. Each source can be searched or queried using either pre-defined or user-defined parameters.

Let’s begin to build a basic Pipes-feeds. This is only a basic idea, but once you created, you can edit it to create the ultimate mash-up.

Go to Yahoo Pipes and click on MyPipes (you should have Yahoo Id). You will get a visual interface editing page (see the image)

You can drag and drop items from the left side bar menu to this editing page. For example, from menu bar, under Sources, drag Fetch onto the editing field. You’ll see an URL box.

In the URL field add the RSS URL you wish. You can add several feeds by dragging more Fetch box on to the editing field. You can also add more URLs by clicking the “+” sign next to URL in the Fetch box. Put URL address in all URL field.

Next Drag a Union box (Look under operators menu on the side bar) onto the editing field. Connect the outputs of your Fetch boxes to the inputs of the Union box by clicking and dragging your mouse from point to point.

Next drag a Filter box (shown under operators menu) onto the editing field. Connect the output of the Union box to the input of the Filter box. Connect the output of the Filter box with the input of the Pipe Output. (See the image).

The Filter box allows you to filter your content. It is necessary to use a filter to limit the data flow to a manageable level, because we are using a number of feeds that will provide numerous head lines to us which is inconvenient. Click on the title and contains boxes to see the many possibilities. You can select from the list you don’t need and you can also select either block or accept.

Finally click on save button on the top of the editing field, and name your Pipe. On the MyPipes page, you can click Publish button to make your Pipes public. Here you may need to put some short description and tags. Click on Run this Pipe to see the aggregated feed you’ve created.


  1. Hi,
    Article looks good. But i am beginner and really didnt understand as to how to go abt it .. can u help me out in setting up of a enw yahoo pipe for news?

  2. The article is self explanatory, I think, and you only need a Yahoo!Id (e mail Id) to build a pipe.