March 8, 2007

PaPeRo with built-in Multi-Media Blog Creation System

NEC, a Japanese company, has announced the development of an automatic multimedia blog creation system, which has been embedded into PaPeRo, a personal assistance robot.

PaPeRo (Partner-type Personal Robot) has its natural expressions and ability to remember its owners' interests and preferences. It was designed to bring about a more natural interface with which people can easily and automatically benefit from the Internet. It can easily access Internet without the use of a keyboard

Its ability to interact naturally with people opens up a variety of application possibilities. It can be used as an automatic multimedia blog creation tool. When a user begins to talk about their events with PaPeRo, the system records and analyzes it. Following this, PaPeRo searches for suitable multi-media content on the Internet, including images, illustrations and music, which are automatically uploaded and edited along with the video recording on the user's blog.

PaPeRo has been developed using the latest technologies. Main features are given below.

Weight: 5.0 kg; continuous operation time: 2-3 hours; Built-in Internet wireless modem handset; USB 2.0; microphones for detecting the direction of the sound, as well as for recognizing certain sounds; a video camera with CCD sensor; sensors for ultrasonic, step height, elevation etc.

More details and functions are available from PaPeRo’s home page

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