March 13, 2007

Inkjet prints that last 100 years

Pictures fade when they're exposed to light, air pollution, moisture, and heat. Kodak introduced a new technology in printing paper that last inkjet prints for 100 years. Not a big deal in this digital age, since we can store image in digital media and reprint. But Kodak likes the idea of long-lasting .

‘Colorlast’ technology introduced by Kodak shields your pictures from heat, moisture and light so your prints will last over 100 years, even when they're displayed at home unprotected.

>Kodak ‘Colorlast’ Technology locks ink molecules into the image layer, protecting your picture from fading factors like heat and light. Using a unique blend of mordant in the bottom two layers, along with nanoparticulate ceramic particles in the top layer stabilize the image. Kodak scientists have engineered a significant leap in longevity and color reproduction. The proprietary three-layer coating controls smudging, speeds dry time, and increases ozone fade resistance.

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