March 11, 2007

QTVR – Quick Time Virtual Reality

QuickTime Virtual Reality is an interesting concept by apple that moves the photographic image from the flat 2D to 3D imagery. QTVR allows users to interact with images instead of just looking at them on the computer.

That is, for example, we can see a photograph of a mobile phone from its front, back, top, below, left, or right – just like rotating the phone-with the mouse – a useful tool for product manufactures to present their product.

Now we can see how it works? If You take photos of your mobile phone from its front, left, right, behind top and bottom – then the software puts them together and make a spherical 3D image that it display as a movie. We can see this MOV file in the quick Time player by keep the left mouse button pressed and moving the mouse.

When seen in a browser (streaming) the image are loaded in to the player one at a time and you can clearly see the 3D grid that is being used.

For those who like QTVR software click here

If you want see an example of QTVR click on the image to download a sample QTVR file (740kb)

(Quick time player should be installed)

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