March 10, 2007

World's Largest movie database - IMDb

The world’s largest movie data base IMDb (internet movie data base) is s an online database of information of films, actors, TV shows, video games and production crew personnel. IMDb is updated frequently so we get latest information of movies around the world.

In IMDb you can search by Movie titles, characters, biography, names and more. For example, If you are search for a movie, The Godfather, you will get all details like actors and their biography, release date, director, video clippings, trailers, audio clipping, photographs etc. Just look the image below which shows when search for biography of Kate Winslet.

IMDb is a free site owned by Amazon, which requires a free registration to access complete range of data and activities and can also be search without any account but can’t vote for your favorite movie. More details for IMDb available from -

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