April 19, 2007

Create your own Netvibes Universe

Netvibes announced the launch of Netvibes Universe. Every single Netvibes user will be able to create a personal Netvibes Universe, that is, a Netvibes page that you can build using the content and widgets that you want -- and make it available to the world at large.

Netvibes Universe allows users to create personalized home pages with widgets and publish them for public use. The widgets includes like RSS feeds, weather reports, Flikr Image searches, YouTube video searches, Blog search and a lot more. Publishers now also have the ability to add their own CSS and HTML to pages as well. Users can add public pages or portions of public pages to their own page and stay updated on changes.

Personalized Universe's have already been set-up for a number of popular news site like USA today, CBC news as well as popular musical artists such as Moby, Ben Harper, 50 cent, and Mandy Moore. Start discovering Netvibes Universes now!

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