April 7, 2007

Searchmash from Google

Yesterday I posted an article on Yahoo’s new search engine Alpha. Here is another one, more or less the same, from Google, Searchsmash. Searchmash was especially designed by the search giant Google with testing reasons to allow the company to test all the new features before they are implemented into the well-known Google product.

“Some features of SearchMash may enable you to interact with search results beyond simply clicking through a result or navigating to another page of results. It may record the use of these features in a non-personally identifiable manner to evaluate their usefulness.

Information collect through SearchMash will only be used to evaluate, research, and analyze the ideas and features offered on the site and will not combine or otherwise correlate information (such as cookies or log data) from SearchMash with information we may have from your use of our other services.”

Go to Searchmash Go to Alpha

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