May 1, 2007

David Pye’s site, where everything is free!

If you visit David Pye’s site, you should be fascinated by the contents. According to him everything here is completely free for the taking. He claims that “There are no pop-ups, no viruses, no webpage redirection and won't be begging for any of your money”!

Following are a few contents from his site. And of course there is lot more.

GoogleDavo- A mini Google earth- where you can type in almost any city and country in the world and see a detailed road map or satellite photo of the city.

Gif animation- Over 15,000, absolutely free animations for your website.

Web graphics - A tad over 29,000 absolutely free graphics for your website.

Desktop wallpaper- A tad over 7,000 (1024x768) wallpapers in 52 categories that you can use to spice up your computer screen background

Font - Over 3,650 assorted true type fonts to help jazz up your DTP, web pages, graphics projects etc.

Play games- Bored with surf in'? Got time to kill? Here are 101 assorted games to play online, and they're all free.

Trivia and Jokes- over 12,000 assorted facts, jokes and trivia.

The list is not ending. Visit his site for a free stuff

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