May 25, 2007

Metasearch engines

When search with different search engines often return different results for the very same query. As you know metasearch engines could search more than one search engine and directory for a query at a time. However, matasearch engines can’t provide every result from a search engine for a search term. Here printout three notable metasearch engines and their features.

Dogpile is built to give users the best search results available on the Web. This is accomplished by searching all the most popular engines and retrieving the best combined results. Once the results are retrieved, the innovative metasearch technology used by Dogpile goes to work removing duplicates and analyzing the results to help ensure the best results top the list.

Another search engine Aftervote with an AJAX backbone, provides additional details about each result such as Alexa ranking, Google Pagerank, domain age and more. It has a passive voting system like Digg and Shoutwire to search results without having to go through all that work of clicking buttons to vote.

VivĂ­simo is another metasearch engine originally founded by three Carnegie Mellon University scientists who decided to tackle the problem of information overload in web searches. They deployed a new technology to organize unwieldy search results in a completely innovative way with a mathematical algorithm.

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