May 26, 2007

Surf faster than before

Everyone wants to surf faster, no matter whether they use a broadband modem or a slow dial up connection. The zero coast and easy way to attain an increase in speed is to hack your PC in a way to fine tune Domain Name System (DNS).

You may know what is DNS? When you type a URL of a website, the URL needs to be translated into a numeric IP address that Web servers and Internet routers can understand. Here the DNS server does the translation job. Normally your computer will automatically use the default DNS servers specified by your ISP, so you need not set up a DNS server. When you type an URL, for example, if a delay occurred in contacting the DNS server, or the DNS server takes too much time to analyze the address, you'll face a delay in getting to a Web site. So even if you use a fastest broadband, your Web surfing will be slowed down.

Here is a simple way to hack your PC to speed up your web surfing. Just visit OpenDNS that helps you navigate the Internet in a safer, faster, smarter and more reliable way. The service is free and requires nothing to download and is available for all operating system – Windows, Mac or Linux.

For a step by step description just visit - (for Windows XP and Vista)

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