May 11, 2007

New Opera comes with Speed dial

The most full-featured Internet browser on the market, the new Opera 9.2 comes with a new feature called ‘speed dial’ which allows you access the site quick faster than before.

And what is ‘speed dial’? When you load the browser, the new Opera provides you up to 9 screen shot of website we previously visited. When clicking any one of it loads quite fastly. It is just like that of bookmark a tool bar, but loads the site faster than that, and also you can refresh or change to any site as you like just right clicking on it.

Besides that it has BitTorrent, Improved rich text editing, Site preferences, allow you to add your favorite search engines, content blocker, thumbnail preview, Widgets, and also the old useful features like pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS News feeds and IRC chat

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