May 8, 2007

A people Search Engine

Wink is a people search engine specifically target to find individual people who are active web and social network users. Wink search the public profiles on MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, LinkedIn, Live Spaces, and other sources. Wink gives you the most relevant and interesting results as found by people.

Wink also lets you create your own Wink profile. This enables you to be found in the Wink search engine (and other traditional search engines) and have control over what people know about you. The Wink profile allows you to control your name, location, description, and other contact information. It also provides you with the ability to promote and share links to the sites that you own or have a profile across the web. It can link to your MySpace, blog, Flickr photos, wish list, and other pages that you manage on various sites. This gives you the freedom to determine what people know about you and where you are on the web.

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