September 8, 2010

YouTube Music Downloader for Free Giveaway

Downloading videos from YouTube and converting them to a required video and audio format is not a big issue. There are several applications and methods available for that. YouTube Music Downloader is one among them, but it is very easy-to-use and reliable.

YouTube Music Downloader is a shareware program ($29.95 USD), but now you can download it for free as a promotional giveaway. The promotion will be ended on Sep 15th, 2010. No registration required. Just enter at program’s giveaway page and download it with registration key.

This windows application helps you download YouTube Music videos and you can convert them to MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, 3GP formats on the fly.

Program Features includes:

  1. Smooth download, installation, registration on Win-7 (32-bit) OS.
  2.  Simple, attractive, easy-to-understand, easty-to-navigate GUI.
  3.  Complete, detailed, helpful guidance located within program.
  4.  Very easy to use and operate.
  5.  Program lists different music categories/genres on left-side pane.
  6.  Program shows selected genre’s music videos on right-side pane.
  7.  Program easily, smoothly and efficiently displays “download video now” button/option upon user-selected music video.
  8.  Program allows user to select different conversion settings and features, upon clicking on “download video now” button/option.
  9. Conversion is quick, smooth, and easy – I downloaded & converted a video in about 30 seconds.
  10.  Quality of downloaded/converted video is equal to quality of original video.

Visit Program's Giveaway page for downloading and registration key.