May 27, 2007

Yahoo Livesearch

Yahoo Livesearch, a new service from Yahoo, analyzes your search in real-time and instantly provides Web results with alternate search queries as you type. Still in developing stage, Livesearch looks things like your typing speed and spaces between search words to answer a query. As you continue to type each letter and word update the suggestions and Web results in real-time

Yahoo says Livesearch makes searching the Web faster and easier by predicting what you are searching for, suggesting alternate search queries as you type that help you focus your search, and providing relevant results in real-time. It is a big improvement on having to type one search after another to get the results you want.

To search, start typing a query into the search box and keep an eye on the suggestions that appear below. There is no search button as there is no click is required. Livesearch will suggest additional search queries and display them in the area immediately below the search input box. Visit Yahoo!

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