June 9, 2007

Download and listen podcast

Want to listen to internet audio programs but can't when they are scheduled? This program lets you create your own custom online audio anytime, anywhere. Juice is free, open source software, lets you select and download shows and music and play whenever they want on their iPods, portable digital media players, or computers

Technically Juice is a Media Aggregator, a program that allows you to select and download audio files from anywhere on the Internet to your desktop. Juice has a built-in directory with thousands of listed podcast (broadcasts created and stored digitally on the Internet) feeds and has auto cleanup, authentication, centralized feed management and much more. It supports multiple media players also.

Once you've installed Juice, you can select podcasts to subscribe to in two different ways, either clicking the selection button to see a directory of available podcasts or enter a URL for a podcast you've found on your own. You can set the scheduling options so that Juice scans for new downloads as often as you like, or you can control it manually. When it is done downloading new files, it adds them to your library.

Download Juice

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