June 6, 2007

Online Office Suite

There are many online office applications available like Google doc, Thinkfree office, Microsoft office online, Writely etc. and all have their own features. Zoho is another web-based office application suitable for small businesses and has all of the applications available like word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation package, e-mail, calendar, note book, etc.

Zoho have good features, for example, Zoho writer is an online word processor with collaboration features - can save and export files to many formats, including Word doc files, Rich Text Format (RTF), text files, PDF, HTML, the Open Office SXW extension and Open Document’s ODT format. Like Google Docs, Zoho Writer can publish items directly to blog.

Zoho Notebook, another feature, allows users to create, aggregate and collaborate on multiple types of content online and integrates with all of the other Zoho applications, so users can do their word processing within the notebook page framework. Zoho offers free and premium packages of its services.

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