July 10, 2007

Download and convert YouTube Video

Vdownloader is a little program that allows saving video to AVI or MPEG format while downloading from Youtube, Myspace and other sites. You don’t need to visit the site to find video for download. Just enter a key word in the search box and select a source like Youtube, MySpace or DailyMotion. After getting the video double click on it. That’s all.

>>Before downloading a video configure avi codec to your choice - WMV2 or MPEG4 for conversion from the menu Option – Preferences.

>>The specialty about this software is that, no other video conversion software is required for converting flash video. So you can view the video from windows default player.

>>You can search for video from the search bar provided in the program. Alternatively, browse the sites themselves by selecting the site of your choice from the drop-down menu. If you’re select latter option, enter the site and copy the URL and paste it to ‘Video URL’ box, and click ‘Download’.


>>Just unzip all the files to a folder in your hard disk. No installation required. Both ‘vdownloader.exe’ and ‘ffmpeg.exe’ must be in the same directory. Otherwise, videos won't be properly converted. Double click on ‘Vdownloader exe’ to open the app.

>>However, Vdownloader doesn't do quite as much as it perhaps could. For example, some times it shows an error message while double clicking on video link instead of downloading. And also downloading from some site provided in the drop down menu doesn’t work properly.

>>Above all, this is a lightweight, free application that doesn't consume your system resources and provides an extremely quick and easy way to download and convert ‘YouTube’ videos to your system.

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