July 8, 2007

Protect your Password/PIN from Keyloggers

It is very important to protect your sensitive password, PIN or data from keyloggers (basically, keylogger is a small malware program that captures your password or PIN as you type them on your key board). To avoid keyloggers you can enter the password using only the mouse. This way there is no opportunity to capture key strokes from your key board. This method protects you even against hardware keyloggers.

Mouse Only Keyboard is a small utility which provide an onscreen keyboard to enter characters. This free software is very small and no need to install (Windows). Download (email required) and unzip it. Double click on icon 'MOK', from the onscreen key board shown, select any character you required. By clicking on ‘copy’ the password gets pasted on the clipboard. Then you can past the password on the web page, where you required, by pressing Ctrl+V.

This utility is useful, especially, when you use a public computer or an unsafe machine. In that situation you can carry this software in an USB stick.

Note that, according to the developer of this tool, ‘it is impossible to be fully protected in an unsafe machine where malicious users have had access. This anti-key logger tool can cover most, but not every possible way that a determined user can use to steal keys. This tool can, however, protect you from most of the key loggers run by the majority of casual malicious users’.

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