July 6, 2007

People uploaded free online sound library

Sound effects are always an essential for many of us. For example, hobbyists required sounds like animal, vehicle, or wild life for their home videos, those who looking for ring tones also need sound. Sound designers or recordists and music producers, filmmakers, web designers and video game developers are also required sound effects. Anyone, that needs sounds may like Soundsnap.

Soundsnap is a free online sound library and community. People can upload sounds and share them with the world. Browse through the directory by tag or by category and find out required sound for download. The site offering a large collection of free sound stuffs and are of good quality. You can preview sound befor downloading.

The main way that users participate is by submitting sounds and loops. People can also create a small profile that will feature their top personal tags, their email and website. You have the option of commenting on a sound or making it a 'favorite'

In order to download a sound you have to have sound results on your page. You can search for sounds via the search bar at the top, browse by category or browse by tag. On the sound 'teaser' click on the upper right corner and choose between mp3, wav or aif to download.

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