July 1, 2007

Record streaming audio

The Audio Recorder for Free is an easy to use program designed to record any sound from your sound card in real time. You can save sound to hard disk in MP3, WMA or WAV file format.

It supports input from streaming audio from the Internet, audio from external input devices like CDs, audio cassettes, phone lines etc, and microphone as well as audio from other applications, such as Winamp and Media Player. With a built-in, advanced, audio-recording engine, the recorder produces high-quality recordings. With predefined recording qualities, you can set and manage recording parameters like recording quality, automatic gain control etc. It is very easy to use comparing to MP3 my MP3

How to record a streaming audio?

1. First start playback of the Internet broadcast in the player you are using (Most internet audios required Real Player to play sound) While recording, please pay attention that the peak meters will not reach the red zone too often and too long (test recording volume by giving sample audio).

2. Then start the Sound Recorder and select the appropriate sound source. The names of the sound sources differ from one computer to another according to the sound card used, but the sound source for recording RealAudio playback, is usually named Wave out mix, Stereo Mix, What You Hear, or something in similar wording. The Sound Recorder will automatically select the appropriate recording quality.

3. Start recording in the Sound Recorder. Optionally you can restart playback in RealPlayer, to record the whole sound clip from the beginning.

Note that on certain computers you cannot change the recording quality to anything other than that of the sound quality of the Internet broadcast while recording.

Software size – 2.7Mb, supports Windows all


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