August 15, 2007

Check your sites downtime

It is crucial to make sure that your website is online all the time. Any downtime of your website will result in monetary loss to your online business.

URL Monitoring Tool is small software that will be able to constantly check the response from your server and make sure that your website is online every time.

It tests a response from your HTTP or FTP server to a given URL and determines if your website or particular URL is accessible for other internet users. You are also able to monitor http, ssh, mySQL, https, POP3 and SMTP ports.

You can use custom alarms settings - sound or pop up message type alarms - and immediately take action once you notice that your site is off line.


Download and install the application.

- Add URL to check by clicking ‘Add URL’ button.

- Run an instant check of all URLs by clicking "Check Now" button.

- Use custom alarms settings from ‘Settings’ button. URL Monitoring Tool can notify you that the website is off line by a sound or a pop up message.

- Minimize the application to the system tray. It will be running and checking URLs with a specified time period if you have set the check mark against "Automatically Check All URLs”.

Requirement: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

License: Free

File size: 543kb.

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