August 5, 2007

A drawing tool for your forms

InputDraw is a cross-browser, fast, simple to integrate widget to use in your forms as a drawing tool. It allows your users draw in a form field and enable a new and fun ways of interaction with sites and new creative ideas. It can be used in funny websites and medical web applications.

It uses SVG as a describing language of drawing. Being a standard, SVG can afterwards be use be a large number of applications, widgets and libraries.

In order to use this widget, you don’t need to be a programmer or even know any web programming language like PHP, Ruby, Python, .net, Java, Smalltalk, etc. you only need to know some html, what a form is and JavaScript command to make it work.

InputDraw uses flash technology so almost everyone can use it and lets you saving the results as SVG for you to include in a form field.

For more and download visit InputDraw

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