August 22, 2007

Photoshop filters / plug-in

For some design works Photoshop required additional plug-in. Richard Rosenman’s site features a growing set of (mostly free) Photoshop filters / plug-in coded by him.

Here are some lists of Photoshop plug-ins founded on the site:

3D Sphere Generator - generates a 3D sphere and allows you to configure many of its properties.

Scanlines Generator - create those hard to produce scanlines on your image to simulate a monitor.

Spherical Mapping Corrector - produces texture map correction for spherical texture mapping.

Pixelate - pixelate an image.

Portable PixMap - imports and exports Portable PixMap (PPM, PGM, PBM) images. The PPM / PGM / PBM file format is a convenient image file format which allows one to save an image in ASCII or BINARY mode.

Superformula - generates a wide variety of geometric shapes using the Superformula…and more.

For more information and download visit his site

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