August 23, 2007

Presentations for the Web

Preezo is an Ajax based web application that gives you the power to create and share professional quality presentations over the web without software or plug-in.

It features professional quality presentations using an ultra-fast Ajax user interface. You can access presentations from any computer with an Internet connection and a modern browser.

It allows reuse images or the content of entire slides from easy to use galleries. Save time and reduce headache by collaborating on a centralized web document.

Distribute presentations to clients and colleagues without having to email huge PowerPoint files.

License - free

Spresent is free Web-based presentations application built with Flash. Create and edit high-quality Flash presentations online. You can send presentations via e-mail or publish on your web site or blog.

Features include convenient for Web publishing, compatible with any browser supporting Flash-6 or later (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari), It's developed with Flash (Action Script), compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux

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