September 5, 2007

Kestrel – new browser from Opera

Opera released a new browser codenamed Kestrel (opera 9.5 alpha). I think this is the first time Opera accepted a new name for its browser?

>>With Kestrel, Opera added another powerful feature ‘Synchronize’, features sneak preview with support for bookmarks, Speed Dial and personal bar synchronization between desktop versions of Opera.

>>Opera's excellent zoom function and the bandwidth saving control of images are now made easily available on the Status bar.

>>Kestrel adds support for Apple's screen reader "VoiceOver" found in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. This allows visually impaired Opera users to more easily use all of the features in the browser

Following are some enhancements include in the new release -

- Faster and less-memory intensive ECMA script engine

- A greatly improved layout algorithm

- The font-rendering speed is improved significantly, along with the tiling of bitmaps

- More responsive user interface

Internal benchmarks show up to 50 percent increase in speed compared to the previous core version in Opera 8. But, performance is more than just showing Web pages faster. Performance is about making your browsing experience more enjoyable and productive.

Fore more details visit Opera

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