September 22, 2007

Shared Stuff - new technology from Google

Google recently introduced a new technology called Shared Stuff which allows you to share any web page, email or links with friends. Shared Stuff saves your shared page in a separate page similar to your profile page which is publicly visible or not on the web according to your settings.

‘A Shared Stuff page is a collection of all the links that you want to share online with friends’.

You can bookmark the Shared Stuff button in your browser for easy access. Whenever you see the Google sharing button, on the sites, click it to share the current webpage in whatever way you prefer

This widget offers following three main ways to share content with your friends and family. 1. Add the item to your Google Shared Stuff page, 2. Email the page, with a custom message and 3. Posting the page to some related social bookmarking sites

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