October 11, 2007

Good bye to passwords

I am sure that many of us have lot of web account and different password for security, but it is difficult to by heart every password and may be confused with passwords. By using to sign in to all your favorite websites using a single user name and password is convenient, but security becomes questionable.

Here comes MyVidoop. It promises a free, convenient, and secures single sign-on to the web, supported at any OpenID-enabled web site.

MyVidoop uses Vidoop Secure technology - an image-based login technology that eliminates passwords and helps defend against prevalent forms of hacking Using image categories, it draws your eye to your personal images to deliver a one-time access code that only you can interpret, just in time for login.

You can control your own experience and security with myVidoop browser integration features, your online identity becomes easily manageable from anywhere, anytime. Currently it supports only Internet Explorer and Firefox.

‘Furthermore, with Vidoop Text-Ahead, Notifications, and the Activity log, myVidoop gives you more control over your account than any other identity provider. While many services still rely only upon a password, myVidoop eliminates passwords, replacing them with a more secure two-factor alternative’

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