October 1, 2007

Improve your hard disk’s performance

To improve your system performance Hard disk should be tune up properly. If your hard disk is fully loaded with large amount of data it struggles to keep pace with other components. There is lot of software available for tune up HDD, but here I am not mentioning about software.

Remember that old computers with less than 256MB of RAM should not try this. The method is optimizing memory to handle the ‘interrupts’ emerged due to the HDD. You can configure the buffer to optimize the memory.

Go to Start - Run - type sysedit and hit enter. This will open System Configuration Editor. Now you can see four windows open namely- System.INI, Config.SYS, WIN.INI and Autoexec.Bat. Now expand System.ini window and look for [386enh]

Now place the courser after it and press 'Enter' button on the keyboard to create a new row under it. Here type Irq14=4096 (These letters are case sensitive so enter it exactly as shown).

Now go to File and save the configuration. Close the System Configuration Editor and restart the


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  1. This is for Windows 98. I'm running 2 machines (a 1337 XP laptop and legacy 98), just tried this. 196MB RAM. We'll see what happens if it restarts =]