October 31, 2007

Prism – Allows to run web applications on desktop environment

(Via Mozilla labs)
Mozilla is developing a new application called ‘Prism’ that lets users to add their favorite web applications like GMail to their desktop environment and can be access them just like other desktop applications.

Mozilla is developing this new technology on web platform and makes to integrate the functionality into Firefox, so any one can easily add a web application on their desktop.
And because of web platform, ‘Prism’ supports rich internet technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and supports Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems.

Mozilla Labs wrote “And while Prism focuses on how web apps can integrate into the desktop experience, we’re also working to increase the capabilities of those apps by adding functionality to the Web itself, such as providing support for offline data storage and access to 3D graphics hardware” (News via Mozilla labs)

For more details and download click here.

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