November 6, 2007

SeaMonkey - An all-in-one Internet Application Suite from Mozilla

SeaMonkey is a web application suite and provides all your Internet needs in one. It is a web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing tool.

Its browser has all the features of modern browser including tabbed browsing, advanced security settings like password, download, and cookie managers, multi-language and multi-platform support; and, the latest in web standards.

SeaMonkey allows managing your mail with customizable Labels and Mail Views. And also the color codes allow identifying priorities of the mail.

SeaMonkey messenger includes enterprise ready features such as S/MIME, return receipts, Address Books, LDAP support, and digital signing.

SeaMonkey's another feature HTML editor keeps getting better with dynamic image and table resizing, quick insert and delete of table cells, improved CSS support, and support for positioned layers.

License: Free

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