December 29, 2007

Filter RSS feed for your content

If you, for example, subscribed to a well-known blog or site with lots of contents updates daily, all contents are get in to your inbox (feed reader) whether the information suitable to you or not. In such a situation this tool is great useful.

FilterMyRSS is a simple feed filter to sort out the unwanted information from an XML or RSS feed and provide only the information which is relevant to you.

The advantage with this tool is no sign-in requirements, no registration fees or feed limitations - just a simple tool that will make your life infinitely more productive and stream line.

Please note there are several ways to use the feed filter. For example, you may filter a feed based on the “description” which is the body of a feed article; the “title” text which is exactly that, the title of the feed article; or the “category” of a feed article, which is the category an author choses for the content topic (however the category is often abused).

  • To find out more about using the RSS filter visit the site.
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