December 20, 2007

Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 released with new features

The next version of World famous browser, Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 2 has been released. This second beta comes with several feature enhancements and bug fixes to improve speed, stability, security and memory usage.

It has many improvements over its previous version, for example, if you click on favicon (shown on address bar) you will get the details of that web site like, its owner, is this web site is stored our information, previously visited etc.

It has redesigned location bar auto complete menu, which now highlights which parts of the page title and/or URL match the entered text.

Every Firefox user may familiar with the pop up window asking to remember password when logging in. Now it is gone away, instead, like Internet Explorer information bar appeared only after you are successfully logged on.

Its download manager also has some additional features like pause, stop, information and ‘retry’ buttons and I think the downloading speed has also some improvements.

It has additional feature which shows all plug-in on your browser like Microsoft DRM, etc.

Like before, Firefox comes with a simple interface, including popup blocker, tabbed browsing and improved privacy and security.

More details

Download Firefix 3 beta 2

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