December 15, 2007

Performance tips for Windows XP

Following are some very simple tips for improving performance of Windows XP and most of you are already familiar with these tips.

>Found that many of my friend’s computers take long time to open ‘My Computer’. This is simply because by default Windows search all network folders and printers before opening ‘My Computer’. To fix this problem, Open windows explorer-select ‘Tools’ – click on ‘Folder options’. From the pop up window select ‘View’ and un check ‘Automatically search for network folders and printers’ and click ‘apply’. Now see the difference.

>May be some of you face such problem like not responding of Windows XP after start up; for example after installing a transformation pack like VTP. There are many reasons for such a situation. A simple fix is here. All of you know how to defrag windows by windows defrag tool and it is necessary to optimize fragmented files. However you can not defrag the page file and registry. The reason is that Windows XP does not provide access these files while operating. Read More….

>You can also use system cleaner software like CCleaner or Glary Utilities to clean junk files.

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