January 24, 2008

Creates extra things in your Post with Write Area enabled by FCK Editor

Whether you are using Blogspot, Wordpress or any other blog, you are all know that, the HTML editor provided by the blog site does not have what you want. For example, to insert a special character like ►⇒»Œ inside your post, create tables, or background color to texts in Blogspot are required to edit HTML which is somewhat error prone process, especially for non-professionals.
Here I am talking about Write Area an add-on for Firefox enabled by FCK Editor. You may all hear about FCK Editor, an open source, web based fast and simple HTML editor which can be used to create tables in your blog posts, create list items, add Flash animations to posts without the complexity of HTML coding, and anything is easily possible with it.

Like that, Write Area will do everything, and as an add-on for Firefox it can be activated by right clicking from any text area boxes of any website or blog (see the image for example); that is text area provided by the "Edit Source" or "Edit HTML" feature. Just write or do what you want and click on ‘source’ button and select all (CTL+A) and copy (CTRL+C) and paste it.

Remember that Write Area is still in Sandboxed, means in beta stage and required registration with Mozilla to use it. While registering, you need to enable showing sandboxed plug-in in your user preferences otherwise you can’t download it.
>>And if you want to use FCK editor to create your blog post, you can use their demo page.
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