January 16, 2008

How to add previous post as you like


<li><a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>"><$BlogPreviousItemTitle$></a></li>

There is another special method from Betabloggerfordummies, which I think much better than the other method.

Just follow the steps described below.

  • Enter the site Feed2js (or copy the URL http://itde.vccs.edu/rss2js/build.php, and load in your browser). This is an online tool that helps you format a feed's display with the information you want to use on your web site.
  • Enter your RSS feed address in the text field
  • In the select option, ‘Show channel’ select ‘no’. Select ‘title’ if you want to display title.
  • Number of items to display – enter 0 for all post titles or enter any other number you want.
  • Show item descriptions – enter 0 for no descriptions, or enter 1 for full description, n>1 for display first n characters of description.
  • Show item posting date - Select yes/no to display the date
  • Open links in a new window - Select yes/no to open links in a new window

Then click preview, if you satisfied, click “Generate JavaScript” button and copy the JavaScript code along with a no script code (for those browsers without JavaScript )and put this code in your side bar widget (for new blogger) or sidebar section (classic blogger) or any other website.
(You can also modify the look and feel of your entries by using their style tool section)

1 comment:

  1. I have used the Feed2js earlier. But the problem with it is that it'd be down some times. That time, the list would be empty and only the heading would be visible.

    How have you implemented Blogger Template and Most Popular Posts list in your blog's sidebar? It looks great..