January 28, 2008

JavaScript Interactive online book - Test and modify the code examples from the book

As we know JavaScript is a scripting language designed to be easy to learn and use even by novices. Nowadays it is extensively used in composing various parts of web applications. We should have some basic idea regarding JavaScript coding techniques to customize certain aspects of JavaScript based components used in our web site or standalone programs.
In order to learn JavaScript or to solve a specific coding related problem, there are many resources available over the Internet for free, like tutorials, books, code examples and complete applications with full source code.

Here is an interactive online book titled “Eloquent JavaScript” - allows users to test and modify the code examples from the book itself or to create new ones.

The content of the book provides many JavaScript examples that come to demonstrate various definitions of concepts regarding variables flow control, data structures (objects and arrays), errors handling, OOP (object oriented programming) and more.
License: Free
Track - Softpedia

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