February 28, 2008

Back up your blog post with Blogbackupr

It is always good to have back up of your blog posts as a precaution, but normally free blog services like blogspot have no straight method to back up a post. Wordpress paid service lets you do it from the control panel.BlogBackupr is an online application that just needs your blog URL to create a full backing of posts using RSS feeds. It does not require registration but if your e-mail address so that you have access to a panel where you can see your tickets, download backs in three formats (xml, txt and html), and even restore your blog if you have any problems.
The service works with any blog that have an RSS feed. If your blog engine is Wordpress its back up all includes full posts, comments and categories. It is a great tool for a blog that do not provide a backup / restore system themselves.


  1. hello buddy,

    thanks for telling about this wonderfull tool, might be of some help to me or for my friends in future.

  2. Hi, i'm the creator of BlogBackupr. Thanks for writing about BlogBackupr. I'll hope someone finds the service useful.