February 28, 2008

A different email service - Woomail

We are all familiar with different email services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc; here comes a different mail service –Woomail, a more comprehensive and more secure mail service that eliminates spam, viruses and unwanted messages forever. Your inbox will only contain hand written messages from your friends, family and approved contacts.
Woomail is not the typical web mail we are all familiar with. It is curious that even send an e-mail to any friend who uses another system; it receives the same message a link to respond, like the option to respond in any web mail is not work with Woomail. On the other hand, we have the merchant key, which will help us online transactions where you have to get a message to complete it. Full details
The service is free for individuals and offer 1GB of free space.

1 comment:

  1. Sound like something good. Hmm... maybe I should consider adding another email service into my advertising asenals and heeehhee.. start ProjectWoomailSpamming.. Just kidding...