March 14, 2008

Blue Lock –Lock your PC through your Mobile Phone

Want to lock your PC when you move away from your computer? Here is a small, free application, Blue Lock that locks your computer if your Bluetooth enabled Mobile Phone (or any Bluetooth enabled device) is not detected. .For example, if you register your Bluetooth Mobile Phone with the program but then move away from your computer desk, the program will detect your phone is out of range and automatically lock your system, requiring the password to be entered to reactivate the system. The system locking is a standard Windows API call and is perfectly safe; it's just the same as if you locked the system with CTRL-ALT-DEL.The application works with Windows XP/Vista and requires no installation, and the only thing required is to take Bluetooth from the PC and the mobile phone, and link the application with a mobile from the PC.
Instructions: Start Blue Lock, and after about half a minute a list of discovered Bluetooth devices will be displayed in the window on the right of the screen. Click on a device and its ID and hardware address will be copied to the "Lock Device" field at the bottom of the screen. The program will now loop continuously, and if that device is not detected the system will immediately lock up. Note that many Bluetooth devices have a long range and therefore it may still detect your device even if you are the other end of your office. Download

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