March 15, 2008

FlowPlayer - Lets you insert video in your web page without the need of external source like YouTube

FlowPlayer is a powerful and flexible video player (open source) that allows you to insert various media formats like FLV, SWF, MP3, MP4, H.264 video, JPG and PNG on your web site, without the need to resort to external sites such as Youtube.FlowPlayer possesses extraordinary features, ranging from the adaptation of skin color or, to adapt the best possible player to your Web tones, as well as options that can be found in traditional services, such as the option to share your video via email , Embed (allowing users to insert your video on their websites).
More features:
  • Protection against direct links: You can protect your videos and images against a direct link.
  • Support for advertising: The playlists allows insert advertising in the stream of videos. Besides video controls can be deactivated when the sale advertising, and of course advertising linked to the advertiser.
  • Support for full screen mode.
  • And much, much more….[source]

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