March 16, 2008

Magazine style blogger template

Here is one of the best magazine-style templates for Blogger. This template is converted from Visionary wordpress theme and is available for free features animated sidebar tabs, a good alternative for blogs with lots of information .Download this template here
Preview the template here
Recipes blogger Template
Another one is a special Recipes template for blogger.

Download this template here
Preview the template here
More template from the auther


  1. Hi,

    I had decided to revamp and go in for a fresh look. Browsing for magazine style templates I came upon BrandfordMagazine but apparently no one had ported it over to blogger. So I have decided to chk out the Visionary theme. Please let me know if anyone has ported the BrandfordMagazine theme to blogger.


  2. check this premium magazine style blogger template:

  3. thanks a lot for your Magazine Blogger Templates

    Great to find you...