March 8, 2008

Photoree - Discover thousands of interesting photos

Photoree lets you find thousands of interesting photos. It is like for music, or Stumble Upon for websites. Through custom filters and a special algorithm, the site learns about your personal tastes providing the best photos that may really interest you.
There are billions of images on the Internet and most of them have no particular interest to you. The problem is how to efficiently select the most interesting ones. Of course there are established image search engines, but no one takes in consideration the fact that you are a unique individual, with unique taste and preferences. Photoree has a different approach: it learns your taste, and using advanced algorithms it selects for you the photos that have big chances to interest you.Using Photoree is pretty simple. Create a free account by clicking "registering" and start voting on the various images that will be proposed. Voting system is important that learns Photoree to know your preferences. Photoree creates for you a personal filter stored in the database. For the filter can understand your tastes, you should vote for a minimum of 100 images. It is essentially saves your time, by serving you the images most relevant to you.

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